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The Yin and Yang Day:

Eastern Philosophy is governed by the concept of yin and yang. The Eastern disciplines offered on this day help the individual find the right balance within themselves between mind and body, activity and passivity, strength and sensitivity. The actual selection process of sessions prior to the day commences the process of creating balance.

Sample Itinerary:

09.30 -


11.00 -


15.00 -


Format is twofold:

a) Clients select one of the two options for each slot in advance


b) If sufficient numbers attend on the day, we will run both sessions and people can choose their preferred session.

Description of events:

1) Chinese Yoga

Tai Chi (yin) : Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese form of co-ordinated body movements focusing on the cultivation of internal energy 'chi' or 'qi'. Its aim is to harmonise the mind, body and spirit, promoting both mental and physical well-being through softness and relaxation.


Chi Kung (yang) : Chi Kung is the most ancient form of traditional Chinese medical practice. Its movements, sounds, breathing and meditation techniques promote the circulation of blood and Chi (or vital energy) within the body. Just one session will evoke states of internal stillness, centeredness, balance and a feeling of well-being.

2) Yoga

The Calm Down (yin): Tired? Nearly got fired? Or has your energy expired? In this session we will show you just how soothing, relaxing and gentle yoga can be. The postures in this session are all about letting go rather than controlling, forcing or summoning extra effort. Deep peace and lots of release are guaranteed.


The Warrior’s Workout (yang): A dynamic sequence of energising yoga poses designed to liberate untapped sources of energy and confidence within you. This style of yoga promotes stamina, strength, fitness and vitality. Participants will be amazed by the variety of challenges that can be faced just by manoeuvring their own body. All levels of ability can be accommodated.

3) Mind or Body

Meditation (yin): Meditation is the natural way to provide deep relaxation for body and mind. Even doctors are now prescribing meditation as a way to lower blood pressure, ease angina, relieve insomnia and generally relax the everyday stresses of life. In this session we will explore a number of simple meditation techniques to give participants access to the deep states of relaxation that lie within them.


Choose from the following:

Kung-fu : Bring out you the "Warrior-Buddha" in you with this ancient sequence of martial art moves. You will not only feel centred and at peace with yourself, but also develop confidence and self-respect.

Kick-boxing : Utilising legs rather than fists you will be taught how to unleash back kicks, side kicks, revolving kicks and if our instructors think you are up for it-flying kicks!

Khai Bo : This is the funky version of martial arts:- a stylised choreography of kicks and punches to music that gives a non-stop cardio workout and develops intense strength in the legs. A great group activity and team building exercise.

Boxing : Take out your frustration and tension in the style of a true fighter. Summon up your reserves of strength and feel the force of your powers of combat. Jabs, uppercuts, left and right hooks are the main items on the menu.

Outcomes of the day:

  • Serenity, peace of mind

  • Ability to create internal states of relaxation

  • Teambuilding

  • Self discipline and self defence skills

  • Body awareness

  • Mind-body balance - greater control of emotions and mood

  • Stress-busting

  • Mental and physical well-being

  • Increased focus

  • Better balance and co-ordination

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