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Drumming up Business: - The Corporate Funk Day


The Corporate Funk day takes participants to new levels of energy and excitement and will be remembered for months afterwards. Interdependence, collective achievement and great team spirit are our goals.

Sample Itinerary:

09.30 -


11.00 -


14.00 -


16.30 -

CORPORATE CHILL SESSIONS : (informal downtime with our practitioners providing relaxing massage treatments)

Here is a video of one of our events:

Description of events:

1) Movement / Dance / Yoga

Wake up for the day with an exciting, invigorating movement and dance session. Alternatively, you can choose a yoga class or any option from our corporate fitness department to loosen muscles as well as inhibitions.

2) Voicework & Song Session

Singing is often a solitary activity - people are happy to sing in the car or the shower, but rarely in public. Our warm ups quickly address the universal fear of singing in public, and we always get a confidence building chant going in the group in the first few minutes. From there we move on to melodic, uplifting African songs with simple words, accompanied by African drumming which gets everyone moving.

Much to everyone’s surprise we then move into group harmony singing which is an inspiring, energising and unforgettable experience.

3) Drumming Session

Drumming is one of the oldest communal activities known to man. Group drumming taps into core energies and stimulates team participation. It sharpens listening skills, concentration, focus and risk-taking. The whole sound is powerful, resonant and much greater than the sum of its parts.


AFRICAN: When delegates walk into the room they see an exciting array of drums and percussion instruments. After a humorous warm up we facilitate simple interlocking parts that soon become musical. Participants learn simple African drum patterns and quickly understand the powerful expression, rhythm and communication inherent in drumming.


SAMBA: From small hand held agogo bells, through rattling snares to the massive surdo bass drums, every part is essential to the groove and applauded as such. The Samba’s thunderous intro, timed breaks and synchronised ending are irresistible. Samba is teamwork in action. ( For groups of 40 or more)

4) Corporate Chill Sessions

Relax after your high energy day as our practitioners provide soothing head, neck and shoulder massages or reflexology treatments


  • Creativity

  • Dynamism and spontaneity

  • Seeing colleagues in a new light

  • Team bonding and team spirit

  • Great fun

  • Break through moment as a team

  • Achieving the impossible

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