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Art from the Heart:


The objective of this day is to give participants an opportunity to discover their creativity through the process of painting. They will be able to work alone or on group projects dependent on the client’s objective for the day.

Sample Itinerary:

09.30 -


11.00 -


14.30 -


15.00 -


Description of events:

1) Physical movement warm up

Start the day with a yoga class or something else from our corporate fitness department. Dissipate nerves by excercising the body and preparing the way for fluidity freedom and fun.

2) Morning Art Session

Everyone is given a large, stretched, white artist's canvas. They will be shown how to use the paints and brushes and will be given a few exciting ways to break through the sense of inhibition that may be present. From here they are free to let their creativity evolve. There's no pressure to be Rembrandt. You don't even have to be Jackson Pollock. It’s all about expressing your creativity. Grab some paints, a couple of brushes, a sponge, your hand, a foot and let it flow. If group art is the order of the day, team objectives will be set.

3) Improvisation Games

The afternoon session will begin with fun theatre games designed to loosen up the creative and concentrative muscles and allow people to be fully present during the painting process.

4) Afternoon Art Session

Following the afternoon warm up, participants will be asked to re-evaluate what they have done in the morning. If they don’t like it they will be encouraged to wipe the canvas clean and start again using their new-found dynamism. If they are happy with their ideas, we will guide them as to how they can satisfactorily bring some resolution to their days work. Above all, we will still emphasise the fun of the creative process .


  • Creativity

  • Dynamism and spontaneity

  • Seeing colleagues in a new light

  • Team bonding and team spirit

  • Great fun

  • Imagination, vision, ability to think in new ways

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