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Reflexology takes the spectacularly enlightened approach of rebalancing your entire body just by massaging your feet. That's not to say that reflexologists are lazy people- they are simply aware that the feet are a doorway into all the nerve endings that run through your whole body. When massaged, reflex zones in the feet trigger release in corresponding organs and glands in the rest of the body.

This ancient art has numerous benefits including:-

  • improved circulation and elimination

  • de-toxification of major organs

  • relaxation of the cardiovascular system

  • release of endorphins

  • greater peace of mind

What's more it is also ideal for relieving plain old weary feet !

The sessions are usually conducted on a specially created chair. We can offer booster sessions of 20 or 30 minutes but the best benefits accrue from sessions of one hour.

Please call us on 0208 960 8214 or for prices or to discuss your requirements.

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