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If you've never had a shiatsu it could be described as a combination of on-site massage and reflexology over your whole body. No clothes are removed, no oils are used and the practitioner will perform the massage on a futon placed on the floor.

Shiatsu is a truly holistic massage that gets “beneath the skin” and into the joints, deeper muscles and organs of the body in a flowing un-intrusive way. The practitioner will also perform certain stretches on your body, so you will end the session feeling not only relaxed but also limber.

Shiatsu is ideal for countering the effects of a stressful working environment. It is used to treat conditions such as stiffness, headaches, sluggishness and backaches. Recipients regularly report feeling more vitality and greater clarity of mind after their sessions.

The best benefits are to be gained from one-hour sessions but we can also offer 30 or 45 minute treatments.

Please call us on 0208 960 8214 or e-mail for prices or to discuss your requirements.

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