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Song and Voice Workshops

Most of us probably have great complexes about whether we can sing or not. Our singing events operate on two basic foundations:

a) You can

b) It doesn't matter anyway

Here is a video of one of our events:

We are well aware that your music teachers criticised you, your brothers and sisters laughed at you, and your parents discouraged you. Whatever the reason, most people haven't sung for 20 years. That's our starting point.

Knowing that everyone is scared, the first thing we deal with is fear. Beginning with a simple standing exercise, people shake off some of the day's tension, ending with a rowdy unison cry of "Help!"

Physical theatre warm-ups, vocal workshop warm-ups, music and movement warm-ups, are tools that we then employ. Just by participating people are automatically getting the exercises 'right'. There is no 'wrong' way to do them.

Then the core of the process: we teach the whole group all of the harmonies in a song, whether it's African, Gospel or Native American. Then we divide the group up and each of the parts sings together or to each other. Hearing that each group is confident with their part we physically bring them back together again, so they can hear the whole glorious sound they are making. As their confidence grows their movements become freer and the song becomes theirs. It never fails.

You can utilise our voice workshops in three main ways:-

Warm-up Sessions: The purpose of warm-up sessions is to raise the energy of the group, whether it's a workplace meeting or an international conference. They are especially useful in the morning, helping participants focus on the day ahead, and after lunch, when energy levels tend to drop. Warm-ups can last from 5 to 30 minutes. We offer a range of empowering sessions, which can be tailored to your business needs.

The Energising Hour: Recent research into what makes people happy has confirmed what we've all known for some time - that singing and dancing actually lifts our spirits. These hour-long sessions won't inflict Scottish dancing on the unwary - instead they introduce people to singing and moving by easy stages, so that they're comfortable every step of the way. The result is a team buzz of energy and enthusiasm when they hear the professional sound they're making. This improves company morale on all levels. From management downwards, people find themselves easily bonding, without having to think about it. And it's not as messy as paint balls in the woods.

Harmony Sessions: For half a day, or a whole day, your team can discover the pleasure of harmony and part singing. By the end of their time they will have learnt several songs with confidence, and will be raising the roof with their voices and refusing to go to lunch.

Call 020 7463 2234 or to receive more detailed information about the process