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Bollywood Dance Workshops

Dance is the ultimate icebreaker, showstopper and smile-maker!

Our Bollywood "masala" sessions are a chance to explore and discover the Bollywood dancer within you and your team

In the Bollywood workshop, participants are taught simple Bollywood dance steps and before they realize it, the whole group begins dancing. These steps are gradually built as a sequence - first footwork, then hand movements followed by eye and facial expressions until all are combined. Within a very short period participants are able to learn an entire dance routine.

We have a repertoire of Bollywood dances, from simple to complicated, that are incorporated in a session depending on the skills and the energy of the group. Our instructors bring out the best in people, emphasising individual creativity. Our artist’s instructions are light-hearted and empowering in the teaching of dance.

By the end of the session, participants will leave the workshop smiling, humming the music in their head and practicing the hand movements on their way out!

When to use us:

We work in three main ways:

  • Conference Icebreakers & Energisers: 15- 30 minute sessions for groups of anywhere from 50 –1000 people. Bollywood Dance is a great way to "spice up" and animate any corporate event and to energise the group after an intense period of sitting on chairs.
  • Teambuilding Workshops : 60 – 90 minute Bollywood sessions for groups of 20 – 100 focussing on more in-depth sequences and moves.
  • Half or Full Day Training: A pacy and ‘fun-to-learn’ environment that will encourage both team and individual abilities. At the end of the sessions participants would share their process in a  Bollywood performance format. These dance pieces will last for two-five minutes each. The day is designed to engage people to learn and develop new skills,to promote an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and to develop leadership and initiative skills as well as social interaction

  Our Bollywood clients include :

- Launch of Royal Bank of Scotland Offices - Edinburgh
- BBC Children in Need 2005
- IMAX Theatre - VIP launch of Mystic India
- Betterware Staff Conference
- London & Quadrant Staff Conference
- BP Staff Conference
- Transport for London
- Roffey Park Management Training Centre
- Harringay Council Management conference
- Victoria & Albert Museum


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Bollywood Dancing




Bollywood Dancing



Bollywood Dancing