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What do we need from you ?

Please choose a regular time each week and find us a clean and relatively quiet room or area in your work place- such as a conference or social room - where we can conduct the class without too much disturbance

For safety reasons we also recommend that you purchase Yoga mats.

These are available from us at a discounted price and can be rolled up and easily stored away.


When are we available ?

Seven days a week from 6.30 am- 9.30 pm.

Although evenings are the most popular time for a class, try early morning or lunchtime slots to enhance your stamina during the day.


How long are the classes?

Classes are 60 minutes long; however, 90 minute classes are available.

Half day workshops last three hours; full day workshops last five to six hours excluding lunch.

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Call us on 0207 463 2234 or NOW to book your class or to find out more.

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