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Stress awareness workshops:

According to the Health and Safety Executive:

  • Work-related stress is the biggest occupational health problem in the UK, after back problems
  • The law requires organisations to take action.
  • Tackling work-related stress effectively can result in significant benefits for organisations.

Our Stress Awareness workshops identify how individuals and organisations can deal with the problems.

Workshops for Employees

A typical workshop would cover the following topics:

  1. What is Stress, (why is workplace stress on the increase) and what are the implications for employer/employee
  2. Stressors - what causes stress overload .Symptoms - the signs to look out for in yourself/colleagues
  3. It doesn't have to be like this! Changing attitudes to help cope with stress overload (i.e. if you can't change the problem, change the way you deal with it)
  4. Participation in short exercises relating to delegation and trust
  5. Demonstrating methods of coping with stress and stressful situations including dealing with awkward people, personality clash situations etc.,
  6. Simple exercises that can be done at the desk to relieve tension and fatigue
  7. Simple short visualisation that can be done by anyone at anytime
  8. Questions & Answers

Workshops for Managers and Human Resources Departments

These workshops deal with the legal implications of HSE requirements and give advice on how management can set up a programme in line with the HSE directives. In order that employees are protected against stress in the workplace it is essential that management comprehends what needs to be done.

Complying with HSE requirements need not involve great expense for the employer. What is crucial is that they demonstrate that resources are available for employees to turn to.In the long run, money and time will be saved as the threat of absenteeism and lengthy court cases are reduced.

Our consultants will recommend a "safety-net" of experts that management can call on to deal with individual cases of workplace stress.

Workshops average 2-3 hours in duration

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