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Presentation Skills Training:

According to a number of surveys, the fear of public speaking ranks higher than death! The Lotus Exchange provides expert tuition in the art of public speaking with the core aim of helping you to reduce fear and increase confidence

Our courses range from half a day to two full days, as well as ongoing individual tuition. Our two most popular courses are:

Speak from the Heart : The greatest public speakers have a natural, effortless style and literally speak from their heart as if they were speaking to their best friend. We coach you into understanding what your most authentic natural style is, and support this with a few "tricks of the trade" from the world of showmanship and performance.

Course content includes:

  • Message and Messenger- what you have to say, and how you go about saying it
  • Researching audience needs in advance
  • What's your point? Clarity of message
  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • Fear: Acknowledging it, facing it, transforming it. Fear-busting exercises and warm-ups
  • Body language, voice, pitch and tone
  • Preparing and Rehearsing
  • Role Models: embodying the behaviour of great speakers

          The Barrister - singularity of message

          The Actor- presence, status,voice and self-confidence

          The Preacher - passion and inspiration

          The Guru -harmonious connection with the audience

          The Comedian - humour to win friends and influence people

  • Sharing your message. The art of focussing on the audience and giving to them,rather than being pre-occupied with your own fears.
  • Technology: Letting it serve you not rule over you
  • Feedback and support about your natural style. Guidance on how to develop further strengths

Secrets of a stand-up Comedian : Our comic facilitators will give you a unique insight on how to develop your presentation skills using the painfully tried and tested methods of stand-up comedy. The trainers are not only seasoned and well known comic writers and performers, but have also applied and refined their skills in the corporate world for over ten years. Key elements of their training include:-

  • Raising your status enabling you to make powerful presentations
  • Message clarification and delivery
  • Using comedy in your presentation
  • Being in the moment, timing and talking to an audience
  • Presenting with passion
  • Freeing the emotional muscle and finding the creative you.
  • Body language
  • Practical experience and feedback

A maximum of ten people per session.

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