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Corporate Funk

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Corporate Drumming Events

In one of our drumming events each participant will be given an African drum or a percussion instrument such as a cow-bell or a shaker.

The facilitator will then guide the group to play electric, roof-raising, rhythmic grooves in a matter of minutes.

No skills are needed in advance, no-one is made to feel embarrassed or put on the spot and participants will be amazed at how quickly they can join together with colleagues and actually make music.

Drumming sessions can be tailored to suit anywhere from 10- 300 people at one time.


  • Drumming has also been proven to boost the immune system, relax the mind and generate feelings of euphoria

  • Mutual acknowledgement and respect for others emerges as each participant sees that the overall sound is greater than any individual part

  • Concentration, focus and intense listening skills are quickly brought to the fore as participants discover and play their part within "the orchestra"

  • The logical and creative hemispheres of the brain are brought together resulting in improved intuitive and creative responses.

  • Meaningful connections and unity between members of an organisation who may spend most of their working time in isolation from one another

Drumming is a truly powerful way of uniting members of a team and will be an unforgettable experience,whether you utilise the session for :

Stress Release Conference Ice-Breakers Training

Team Building Celebration

Our facilitators, who have taken this work into major FTSE 100 companies, include:

  • Top pop and rock drummers

  • African and Latin virtuosos

  • Experts in the field of corporate teambuilding

“The Lotus Exchange were able to provide one of the most memorable events we have ever had at a conference. The beat of the drums and the singing in the driveway of the hotel brought out the creativity in our own staff and before long we had a conga line, a limbo competition, and even some break dancing!”
Kerryn Bear, Team Leader Flight Centre UK

Call 020 7463 2234 or to receive more detailed information about our drumming events.