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Ergonomic Assessments:

Ensuring that the office environment and its basic furniture suit the basic comfort needs of workers is the basis of ergonomic practice.

Poor ergonomic workstations can lead to muscular skeletal complaints ranging from 'classic' back and neck ache, to more serious R.S.I as well as nerve and disc pain. It is actually a statutory Health and Safety requirement that all jobs are 'risk assessed' and the correct ergonomic solutions provided to the individual. Failure to comply with this is viewed poorly by the courts and compensation claims are increasingly common.

With each assessment, a detailed analysis of the physical workstation and the operator's dimensions will be carried out. Recommendations for improving the layout of desk/chair height, position of computer screen, keyboard and mouse will be provided to individuals by way of a short report (Risk Assessment) and verbal coaching on sitting posture will be given.

Good ergonomics leads to improved productivity, less absenteeism, a reduction in muscular skeletal complaints and improved employer to employee relations.

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